Femdom, severe, cruel, disjointed, dazzling, smiling, sadistic, energetic, intelligent, superior to you,  creative, tenacious, experienced, excellent, confident, open-minded, ingenious, calm, precise, sordid, bewitching, sincere , intoxicating, rigid, playful … all these adjectives compose me.

I discovered BDSM at the age of 18 in a mixture of curiosity and light cruelty. Since then, I have been able to explore various worlds. I travel a lot. I was able to practice my talents in several countries; France, Holland, Greece, Spain … I am of French origin, but I express myself very well in English as well as in Spanish.

I love playing with your limits. During your visit, I will make you my servant, my inferior, my toy. I will sometimes make you suffer humiliation with my contemptuous laughter, sometimes with pain. You will have to answer my desires and my orders without flinching.

Height : 5’9”

Weight : 145 pounds

Breast : 36D

Feet size 9

My sessions do not include full service. I receive in Montreal, downtown, in a beautiful dungeon with many tools or get to your place, hotel, airbnb, with my equipment.

Looking forward …